Save time, money and hassles – use Smartlist to plan, organise and make your move. Find great deals and get settled sooner.

Smartlist has six sections: (1) Planning, (2) One month before, (3) One week before, (4) Day before, (5) Moving day and (6) Welcome to the neighbourhood. Skip through to where you are in your moving process, then save your list and come back at any time.

Planning Your Move

Plan how you'll do the move. Research removalists or compare van hire offers if you'll do the move yourself.

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Start gathering boxes, tape (with tape dispenser), bubble wrap and newspaper, and a thick black marker to write descriptions of each box.

This is a great opportunity to identify items you can sell, donate or discard. You may need to organise a skip, a hard-rubbish collection, or a garage sale.

Identify items for disposal. Make a list of items for sale and list them on eBay/Gumtree. Throw out, donate, sell or give away what is costing you space.

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Did you know that moving house could affect your insurance? Even reduce it? It pays to compare policies for your new area.

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If you've bought a house (congratulations BTW!), your first key activity is to pay the deposit. You'll need to engage a conveyancer to do this.

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Also, book in repair work. If your contract of sale or lease requires any maintenance or repair work prior to your move date, get tradespeople organised now.

Still househunting? Go direct to websites of local real estate agents to get the jump on brand new properties becoming available.

Found a place already? Confirm the date and key collection with the real estate agent.

Decide if you need to arrange short or longer-term external storage for items that won't be moving to your new place.

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Booking a relocation service may feel extravagant but if you're moving states or a long-distance it could save you money. Relocation services can be booked for vehicles such as cars, boats, trailers or caravans.

Start researching your new neighbourhood to locate key amenities such as supermarkets, parks, public transport etc. Make a list of those you might need to find a recommendation for such as a new doctor or dentist.

Arrange for school or daycare transfers.

Book pet relocation services (unless you will do it yourself).

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